If you are grieving the loss of someone and are needing support along way, please consider joining our Griefshare support group. It is a 13 week group with a workbook and video sessions designed to help you understand grief and how to navigate this new journey.

12:30pm - 3pm

Ironwood House at FCCPHX
6750 N. 7th Ave  Phoenix, AZ 85013
Hi,  I’m Kathy and I lead the Griefshare ministry here at FCC.

Griefshare is a support group for those of you have lost loved ones. It is 13 weeks of video sessions and discussion groups. It’s a safe and friendly place where you can share and learn about the grieving process. Grief is like an unwanted houseguest that just refuses to leave. It’s a lot of emotions that we’re going through, and we learn how to do process emotions because it affects every aspect of our life for a while.

If you were experiencing grief, please consider joining us Sunday afternoons from 12:30 to 3 PM in the Ironwood building. If this is what you need, please let us help and come join us.

Griefshare runs two times a year: Spring and Fall.
We do host a "Surviving the Holidays" and "The Loss of a Spouse" Seminars as well.

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